Distance Functional medicine Consults - Worldwide

Uncover and Treat the Root Cause of Sickness & Disease...via phone, FaceTime or Skype

Don't let location limit you.  Dr. Russell works successfully with patients worldwide getting to the underlying cause to help heal sickness and disease.  The same process used in the clinic is adapted to the distance consult with health history review, lab orders, other testing, and personalized protocol.  So if you're tired of looking for answers through traditional means, as most of our patients are,  then give us a call or use the contact page to connect with Dr. Russell.  Suffering with chronic sickness, pain or disease is optional.


(1) Call (817) 310-0393for your appointment - we'll schedule you via your favored method, either phone, Skype or       FaceTime.

(2) Print NEW PATIENT INTAKE paperwork - fill it out, send it over with any recent lab work or tests to DrRodneyRussell@aol.com.

(3) Be situated comfortably with a headset if you have one or on speakerphone and be ready to take notes. 

(4) Dr. Russell will call you at your appointed time.