To make your interactions with your care team streamlined and more efficient, please review these communication policies so you know how to best use email and/or phone messages to get timely answers to your questions. Please do not text.


Above all, please recognize that email and phone calls are not meant to take the place of an appointment. Some questions may require more complex answers that cannot be provided via email… and should be discussed in a scheduled in-house appointment or virtual consultation. Also lengthy discussions about your case, protocol adjustments (unless within a 7 day window of last appointment or requested by Dr. Russell), request for research review, recommendations for new symptoms, lab reviews, new acute issues, request to fill out forms, etc., require that you schedule. 


To accommodate, and to help us keep things moving smoothly, we now offer short :15 minute in-house or virtual appointments FOR CURRENT PATIENTS only.


When scheduling appointments through our online appointment scheduler, you will receive confirmation & reminder emails. Please do not reply to these types of emails with questions as these emails are auto-generated from the appointment scheduler system. If you need to reschedule an appointment, please call or email our team directly or use the provided cancellation/rescheduling link in the appointment confirmation email(s).


If you have a true emergency, please call 911 immediately. We strive to answer emails as soon as possible, but please allow for 24-48 hours to respond.


NOTE:  We are limited in the processing of forms and records or invoice request. Should you need something filled out for insurance, a health share program, school exemptions, copy of invoice already delivered, etc., please note there may be a small fee depending on the amount of time required by staff and/or Dr. Russell.