A Personal quantum physics-based lifestyle & wellness device



The Healy Microcurrent Therapy Biohacking Device

The Healy is a revolutionary new microcurrent therapy treatment wearable with many applications and uses. It is certified and approved by the FDA as a microcurrent therapy wearable that utilizes personalized frequencies (based on an individual analysis of your body) to help balance your mind and body and also help relieve the stress of life


This Powerful, New Microcurrent Therapy Biohacking Device Offers A Wide Range Of Bioenergetic And Cellular Health Programs For Optimal Vitality And Well Being”

Feel healthy, alive and lucid with The Healy! Isn’t it wonderful to feel healthy, vibrant and energetic? Many of us haven’t felt that way since we were much younger. However, it is a powerful tool to allow those feelings of emotional well being and energy back into your life if they’re missing.


A happy, healthy mind and body means an overall better quality of life. And there are many people growing well into their golden years who are fortunate to still feel young.


That’s why this biohacking technology offers a huge assortment of programs for people of all ages and needs. I can help with acute pain issues as well as assist your body in bioenergetically regenerating on the cellular level. Cellular communication is a challenge for many people.


For example, many doctors agree that most people live their lives very dehydrated and don’t drink enough water. Having plenty of water in the body allows cells to operate better and flush out toxins. The bioenergetic frequencies of this biohack device can help cells operate at a more efficient capacity. It’s designed to help support you in all of the stressful situations you face throughout the day, as well as help you recover more easily from them and then find peace and tranquility in the evening.


This powerful little device is meant to help your body increase its amount of vitality while improving the flow of your natural energy reserves. It merely assists your mind and body to be more efficient and effective at what it already is supposed to be doing. Both the mind and body have electromagnetic functions and tapping into those frequencies to help overcome challenges is the basis of this technology. (We do not ascribe to the Chakras)


If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. – Nikolai Tesla”



There are 3 purchase levels available. The hardware is the same. Upgraded versions simply include more programs and features. The Resonance has the added Heal Advisor app to scan and more specifically target your body’s needs.