Methylation & Heart Disease

Adequate levels of CoQ10 have been identified as necessary nutrients to help prevent congestive heart failure. Clinically CoQ10 has been used in the treatment of angina, heart failure prevention of reperfusion injury after coronary artery bypass and cardiomyopathy. The synthesis of CoQ10 in the body requires components of the methylation pathway; in particular it requires adequate levels of SAMe that is generated by the methylation cycle. Cholesterol lowering drugs (statin drugs) decrease the level of CoQ10 in the body. It may be particularly important for individuals taking statin drugs to be aware of the methylation status in their body and replenish CoQ10. In addition, the relationship between elevated homocysteine levels, an increased

risk of heart disease and the genetic risk associated with MTHFR C677T mutations in the methylation pathway has been recognized for quite some time. Appropriate supplementation of the methylation pathway should be able to help compensate for this mutation.