After giving up on traditional medicine, it was so refreshing to find a doctor that knows what he’s doing. I’ve gone from complete brain fog, memory loss, exhaustion, skin rashes, intestinal/gut discomfort, aches & pains to feeling awesome just about every day. The comprehensive knowledge Dr. Russell displays is impressive. This combined with his genuine compassion and desire to see me well was a God send. I can’t recommend him enough.”

— David L. Nelson, Metamora, IL

It’s a rarity to leave a doctor’s office, not just encouraged, but excited. Yet that was my emotion after my first session with Dr. Russell. His passion for my wellness, in combination with an almost infinite skill set, enthusiastically awoke in me a long dormant hope for healing. Gratitude has joined that excitement as each treatment produces authentic and lasting results. ”

— Paul Richards, Durango, CO

Dr. Russell, you are clearly one who helps before the early budding of disease. This is truly the superior way. Your wisdom and healing touch is such a gift to our family. I am feeling so much better. Thank you! ”

— Shelly Hubel, Southlake, TX

Dr. Rodney has been an incredible blessing to my family. He is the most knowledgeable doctor I’ve ever been to and was able to nail down some very complicated health issues that no one else was able to touch. He is an excellent doctor, but even more than his knowledge, I appreciate the encouragement he offers every time I see him. He has been a cheerleader for my wellness – can’t say that about too many doctors – and never fails to speak health and encouragement to me.”

— Kristin Coria McNulty, Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Russell is the go-to doc I refer to. He is without a doubt the most thoughtful, knowledgeable, insightful, and skillful doctor I’ve met in over 25 years, and I’ve been privileged to know and work with some of the best from all over the world. Want to get past a problem? Want to know how to stay well? Want to rise above family history and even genetics? Go see Dr. Russell … today.”

— Dr. Tom Taylor, Denton, Texas

Dr. Russell is the reason I’m not a sad, sick, tired person today! If you’ve found this guy, you’re on track to finding some deep understanding about why your health is where it is, and how to begin healing.”

— Dr. Carissa Sherman, ND, Grapevine, TX

Dr Rodney is most the most intuitive healthcare provider I have ever been to. He had been our primary Family Doctor for over 10 years. He is an incredible Doctor that cares for every single patient and I recommend him to all my family and friends.”

— Martha Botero Eberlein, Grapevine, TX

Dr. Rodney is an incredible healer with a knowledge base beyond the scope of any one practice. He’s opened my eyes to a whole new world in the health and holistic arena. I definitely recommend him to all my friends and family!”

— Kierstyn Sherman, Grapevine, TX

Dr. Russell is the only doctor I see. Not only has he eliminated my chronic neck pain, he’s helped me through adrenal failure, hormonal shifts and insomnia.”

— Terri Harston, Durango, CO

Dr. Russell’s holistic approach to chiropractic health care reflects his deep compassion for his patients. He’s current on the latest in nutritional research, herbal supplements, the mind-body connection, as well as sound chiropractic treatment.”

— Tracy Valenzuala, Hurst, TX

Dr. Rodney Thank you for all you do for us – your clients. In the short time I have been seeing you my health (both physical and spiritual) have improved. I have formed some new habits think more about what I eat, and just am generally more healthy.”

— Sid Falco, Grapevine, TX

As a healthcare provider myself, I continually appreciate Dr. Russell’s insight and ability to treat and solve difficult internal medical disabilities. He treats the source not the symptoms and his treatments have made a big difference in both my life and my family’s lives. He truly is one of the most empathetic, understanding and thorough caregivers I know.”

— Dr. Kyle Eberlein, DDS, Grapevine, TX

Dr. Russell has had an amazingly positive impact on our family’s health and wellness. He is truly gifted with what he accomplishes through natural methods and we constantly recommend him to all of our friends.”

— Nancy & Joe Lancor, Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr. Rodney Is not like any other Chiropractor. He’s one of the few that can keep me on my feet for work, and living life to the fullest, a huge blessing!! After multiple car accidents and going through the windshield and dash backwards 20 years ago!! I Highly recommend and do not trust many people with my back.”

— Michelle Everroad, Grapevine, TX

With knowledge and experience broader than a traditional chiropractor, Dr. Russell is well equipped  to resolve the root cause of an issue. That is a refreshing change from other treatments we’ve received. He’s also quite analytical and works judiciously to expedite results.”

— Dan Eberwein, Ft. Worth, TX

… to the man who came into my life at just the right time and changed it forever. And even though our paths don’t cross often enough, it is wonderful knowing you are out there doing the same for so many others. Miss you. Hoping you have the BEST day ever.”

— Martha O’Regan, Beaufort, NC

Dr. Russell is an amazing doctor with healing hands.”

— Janet Herschberger, Flower Mound, TX

Dr. Russell is an extraordinary chiropractor, in fact he is way more than a chiropractor. He continues to grow in his field constantly and his approach to natural healing is what I wish the medical field would pay more attention to.”

— Susie Wiggins, Trophy Club, TX

I’m sitting here going over the last few months & WOW!  I remember how lost and broken I was when I walked into your office. What a transformation. I honestly never thought I could let go and be the person I’m learning to be now.  I wanted to say thank you and really thank you for pushing  me. And thank you for  not giving in or giving up on me.  You opened the door that saved my life. So I want my appreciation to wrap around your heart and squeeze it so tight. I truly love and admire you as a person. You are an amazing man and doctor.”

— Ginger Maddox, Roanoke, TX